Thank you for your interest in It Starts With You! Every woman's guide to personal growth and a successful Love Relationship.
John Gray, Ph.D. Author of: Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus
"This book is a practical guide for women. It offers sound advice on personal growth and happiness as well as guidance on developing a success relationship with a man that will last a lifetime."
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Ken D. Janzen, Licensed Marriage Family Therapist, Fresno, CA
"Julia has written a very practical and insightful book on personal responsibility in intimate relationships. The author´s strength is in gleaning wisdom from her own experiences and then offering it to the reader who may be struggling to find hope and direction. The hope and direction comes from the strands of practical advice that if woven into a rope can provide the personal life-line out of hurtful experiences and naiveté into fulfilled relationships."
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Lynn Turner, Educator and mother of two teenage girls, Central California
"The author shares from her experience in an easy to follow, conversational style. This is a practical guide that will benefit any women to understand the realities of relationships. This book will help women to look to themselves for answers to problems in their past and current relationships. This is an easy to read, practical guide to the path of understanding and accepting your strengths and weaknesses, and to apply them to having successful relationships. This book knocks out the "knight in shining armor myth," and gives you an opportunity to analyze your behaviors and explains how they apply to the dynamics of your relationships. Using these principles will help to make positive changes in your life. I recommend this book as a must read for any woman wanting to have a successful relationship."
Book Description

It Starts With You! begins by guiding you through a self-help process to help you be the best person you can be. It continues on to show you how to find the right man for you.

Once you are in a relationship, this book will help you discover if he is the right man for you, and should the two of you discover you are not compatible, recommendations are offered on how to end your relationship in a kind and thoughtful way.

It Starts With You! concludes with suggestions on how to make your relationship last a lifetime, and includes some practical tips for husbands and wives.

If you are single or if you are a newly wed, you owe yourself a copy of It Starts With You!


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Author Biography
Julia J. Austin grew up in the Midwest and has lived in 16 States and several cities in California. Ms. Austin is a Dale Carnegie Graduate and has attended 10 colleges and universities across America from Florida to Alaska. Ms. Austin´s extensive field of study includes psychology, English composition, beauty consultation, stress management therapy and nutrition. While living on the California Coast, Ms. Austin had a private practice as a stress management therapist for 7 years. She currently lives with her husband in the United States.
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It Starts With You! is a self-help book for single women, unmarried women, women who have never been married, divorced women, young married women, women who are looking for a self-improvement plan, success minded women, so if you are a single woman, an unmarried woman, if you have never been married, if you are a divoiced woman, a young married woman, a success minded woman It Starts With You! is for you.

It Starts With You! will help you in these areas: self-improvement, self-assessment, taking personal responsibility, self-esteem, self-confidence, recognizing strengths, overcoming weaknesses, improving behavior, find the right man for you, successful love relationship, have a happy marriage, be the best you can be, enjoy life, love yourself, be healthy, develop good health habits, eat a balanced diet, be your ideal weight, feel good about yourself, like yourself, understand men better, love laugh be yourself, help you find a personal relationship with God, use the Bible as a guide for life, find your true self.

Purchase your copy of It Starts With You! today and get ready for a life long adventure.